Who is Behind TDOT’s Creative Message Boards?

If TDOT’s message boards have gotten your attention lately, they’re doing their job.
So who’s responsible for clever messages like "Get your head out of you apps," "Texting and Driving, Oh cell no," and "Ho Ho Hold your calls?"
It started out with TDOT officials.
TDOT’s commissioner first got the idea when he was in Boston and he saw a sign that said "Use ya blinka."
So, they decided to try it out here and came up with the message "Buckle up y’all," and it was the first of many to come.
TDOT Communications Coordinator Jennifer Flynn came up with the seasonal "ho ho hold your calls" message.
"It’s to get people’s attention while being creative while still conveying the safety messages we want to convey," Flynn said.
The messages got so much positive feedback last year that TDOT held a contest in January to get the public’s input.
That’s where they got some of these:

"Exit to text it."
"Tailgating is for the game not the road."

The messages are controlled at the TDOT smartway center.
During severe weather and traffic problems, the messages are a bit more serious.
But when all is clear, they pull up the friendly reminders that can save lives.

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