Willard Clifton Land Boasted To Deputies of Previous Murder In California And Is Now Behind Bars Connected To Sequatchie County Stabbing of Kerry Summer Angel

SEQUATCHIE COUNTY, TN, (WDEF)-72 year old Willard Clifton Land spent close to 20 years behind bars in California for murder back in the 1970’s and now stands accused of criminal homicide in Sequatchie County.

Sheriff Hitchcock,"He had killed someone, he did time in prison, he did time with Charles Manson in prison, he was real boastful about what he had done"

Land was one of 3 people who spent Saturday night drinking at this trailer off Keener Road.

Investigators say the victim 24 year old Kerry Summer Angel a regular acquaintance of Land’s came with him to the trailer.
 She was later stabbed in the shoulder by Land after getting into a heated argument with him.

Another man in his 40’s who lived in the trailer witnessed the crime.

"When you have a homicide and you don’t have a witness it’s a he-said she-said, it’s a little harder to convict sometimes without a witness, but with an eye witness it makes the DA’s job a little easier." says Sheriff Hitchcock.

Land had also previously been in Sequatchie County jail for more than a year for dealing Xanax and pills.

"Drugs doesn’t discriminate when it comes to age, it takes you down a path that there’s no future in. You start off with smoking a little marijuana, but it’s just a stepping stone to the next drug and the next drug" added Sheriff Hitchcock

Investigators say Land ran into woods behind the trailer after the stabbing, but is now being held without bond.

Land is due in court on October 30th.

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