Winter Weather mix

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tennessee (WDEF)- “People that don’t have to be out later this evening or first thing in the morning that’s what I would recommend,” said Leamon.

It seemed like nearly every company or organization was impacted by the weather.

With the combination of cold weather, sloppy chilly rain, and potential snow in some areas.

All of that caused schools to close, some businesses to open late or close earlier and Hamilton County Riverpark vaccination site was closed for the day.

Hamilton County of Public Works Todd Leamon said a lot of pre-work goes into making the roads safe.

“We did quite a bit of pre-treatment on our mountainous roads which is kind of a brine mixture. It doesn’t work quite as well when we have the amount of rain because a lot of that washes off. We did that pretreatment yesterday. We have 14 trucks with sand and salt that are staged and ready,” said Leamon.

He said being prepared with proper supplies is crucial to safety.

“We make sure we have enough inventory. We make sure we have enough staffing. We’ve got a plan where we do this obviously with inclement weather each year so we do the best we can prior to the event and respond as needed during the event,” said Leamon.

EPB manager of construction Grant Carriker said teamwork and long hours of hard work from everyone is what allows EPB to stay running or get back up and running during a storm.

“We just try to look ahead plan for the worst case. You try to keep on hand what you need. Ultimately it’s a little bit of a reaction especially with as much vegetation we have in our service area,” said Carriker.

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