Winter Weather Preps

Hamilton County, Tenn. (WDEF) –The possibility of winter weather is just around the corner and several local and state agencies are taking precautions.

News 12’s spoke with some them about how they’re preparing for the anticipated wintry system.
Jennifer Flynn with The Tennessee Department of Transportation said their crews are gearing up to make sure the roadways are kept safe for the anticipated winter weather.

“The interstate, highway system is our most important priority because of the heavy volume of traffic. We pay special attention to bridges and overpasses.”
Crews are loading their trucks with brine.

“Basically it’s a salt water solution. They’ll spray it on the roads , they water will evaporate, leaving a very slight sheen of salt” ,said Flynn.

The brine helps break down any snow or ice that may fall, making it slushy and easier for people to commute.

TDOT isn’t the only agency preparing for winter weather.
TVA is also preparing for projected winter storm system as well.

“We’re making sure that we’re ready to generate electricity as demand increases during these cold weather events”, said spokesman for TVA Scott Fiedler.

“We’re expecting about 26 thousand mega watts or more for this weekend’s event.”

TVA officials said this surge is abnormal for the weekends.

“Normally we see peak likes this during the weekdays when school’s in session and businesses are operating. We’re thinking this is being driven by residential heating demands. What we can guarantee about mother nature is that two times a year, it’s going to be hot in the summer and cold in the winter.”

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