With Greater Focus On Nurses After Ebola Virus Outbreak, SAU Say Their Nursing Students Undergo Vetting and Checks Before Overseas Trips, Lee University Also Feel Screening Is Crucial

EAST TENNESSEE, (WDEF)-Nurses across America have spoken out in recent weeks about the Ebola virus saying politicians are having a "knee-jerk reaction", some even ended up contracting it from their patients, others were quarantined.

At Southern Adventist University, generations of nurses have been trained to deal with the Ebola virus before heading overseas to treat patients in the developing world.

Sonia Wrate, Southern Adventist University, Community Health Nursing,"Through the CDC, through webinars, through practice, through workshops, seminars is important for us, so we can then turn around and give that knowledge to the students and allow them practice time"

Wrate says she is not surprised by the struggles of nurses during the Ebola outbreaks as she feels so many feel compelled to help.

"I think nurses go into it and realize because it’s not just Ebola there are many other things and so nurses have that heart to do what needs to be done"

Kaci Hickox, a New Jersey nurse who treated Ebola patients was released from quarantine Monday.

Lee University say hundreds of their students also go overseas on a regular basis but they undergo rigorous screening, health and safety checks and also get insurance coverage.

Angeline McMullin, Lee University, Global Perspectives,"That they are safe we review  each location, we purchase insurance for all the trips so if even at a certain point if we have to cancel due to health risks or due to war time so that we are prepared"

McMullin added that Lee University has just opened its nursing department and all precautions will be taken if those students go overseas in the coming years.

Southern Adventist University say their dentistry and pharmacy students also  help in third world communities but along with the nurses undergo a thorough screening process.

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