Witness to shooting on dove season’s first day says shooter “lacked remorse” & “looking to exit area”

A woman and child were hit by bird shot; TWRA spokesperson says it was a "minor issue"

HAMILTON COUNTY (WDEF) – A mother and son were shot on the first day of dove hunting season on a site in North Chickamauga Creek.

It was a controlled hunt Thursday, but an eyewitness says the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency did not limit the number of people entering the area.

It happened in the Dove Fields area of the site, and the witness says the bird was already shot and falling to the ground when the shooter fired while sitting down.

The shot was at such a shallow angle that the witness says there was no way to miss any humans.

The witness went on to explain that the shooter lacked remorse after hitting the woman and child, going as far to say he had been a “hunter for 50 years.”

The final thing the witness told News 12 was that the shooter looked like he wanted to get away before the TWRA arrived on scene.

News 12 reached out to the TWRA, and the communications person, Mime Barnes, says it was a “minor issue,” and she was not going to release any more information about the incident.

Barnes added everyone should make a point to learn about hunting safety before going out.

You can do that on the TWRA website by clicking here.

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