Woman accused of trying to rob convenience store with stun gun

WHITFIELD COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) — A woman was arrested after being accused of trying to rob a Whitfield County convenience store with a stun gun.

Jacob Burk works as a sales associate at a MapCo on Cleveland Highway. He says in his five months there, everything was normal.

“Every once in awhile I will get a customer with an attitude that is about it,” Burk said.

That all change on Friday, when a woman came into the store. But says at first she was just walking around. Then her interaction with him was captured on surveillance video.

“When I was leaning on the counter she was leaning this way and she came up from behind me, while I wasn’t paying attention, got me on my lower back with a taser. Then I turned around. She started to freak out and then I grabbed a broom and chased her out of the store,” Burk said.

Burk was shocked she used the device.

“I think it is odd that she waited for me to be here, the biggest guy that works here and use a taser on me. It would have been smarter to use a knife or a gun but she chose a taser and freaked out,” he said.

Investigators with the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office arrested Lindsey Dean on Tuesday. She is charged with armed robbery and simple assault.

Lindsey Dean

Besides being a little sore the next day, Burk says he wasn’t hurt.

“I am extremely glad that it was me here that night and nobody else that works here because everyone else that works here is kind of small and I figured that I could take it better than they probably could,” Burk said.

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