Woman charged with making up story of graphic physical and sexual abuse

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Chattanooga Police were called to investigate a graphic kidnapping and assault back in January.

Now they are charging the woman who made the complaint with making it all up.

Kristen Pollis told officers that he ex-boyfriend barged into her home, assaulted her, then forcibly took her to his step-father’s house in Hixson where he continued to abuse her.

She said he threw her down some stairs, choked her, urinated on her and sexually humiliated her.

She also said he cut an upside down cross into his own chest with a box cutter and threatened to kill her with it.

Pollis told officers she finally escaped after he passed out drunk.

Investigators could smell urine on her, so they arrested Michael Wilson for aggravated burglary, kidnapping and domestic assault.

But as they investigated, the story began to unravel.

They found Instagram messages from Pollis discussing consensual sexual practices, including the urination.

Other messages showed she was angry at him for sleeping with other women.

Then there was a string of threats from her, including “You’re not going to hurt me without being burned again sorry” and finally “IM F****** UR WHOLE WORLD UP TODAY.”

Then on the morning of the alleged assault, a message inviting Wilson over to her home.

No one in the Hixson neighborhood could confirm her story of escape.

She only suffered a bruised rib, not nearly the damage she described in her statement.

And finally, there was no upside down cross on Wilson’s chest.

Pollis faces a charge of Filing a False Police Report.


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