Woman continues to fight for answers in brother’s death

WALKER COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) – A woman wants the case of her brother’s death to be reopened.

Amanda Shirley and her private investigator say her brother, DJ Fickey, was killed in October of 2016 in Walker County.

“It has been a nonstop fight for the last four years. It is not something that we have given up on or stopped pursuing. We are just continuing to pursue the justice for DJ and get his killer off the street,” Shirley said.

His death was ruled a suicide. But she says evidence shows it is a homicide.

“It being an election year, I believe it would be good to talk about it and get back out into the public because as long as you have these officials running these counties for twenty plus years, until they are voted out and someone new is put in their position you are going to continue having these kinds of cases,” SHirley said.

Private investigator Eric Echols says the case wasn’t handled properly.

“You didn’t do gunshot residue on DJ’s hand. You didn’t fingerprint him and fingerprint the firearm. You talked to all of the witnesses together. You didn’t separate them. You didn’t take them down to the police station and interview them properly. There are things like that that didn’t happen,” Echols said.

He wants people to admit they were wrong.

“The next step would be for someone to pony up and own up that they made a mistake. The next step would be for the GBI to realize that not only did they make a mistake, but they concluded that it was a suicide based on information that was falsely given to them,” Echols said.

Shirley wants the cause of death changed and an arrest made.

“In order of us to be able to move on I am not going to stop until the person who took my brother’s life is in jail where he belongs,” Shirley said.

GBI issued the following statement about Fickey’s case.

“Following the death of Mr. Donald Fickey, a GBI Medical Examiner conducted an examination of Mr. Fickey’s injury.  Based on the results of this examination, which includes a physical examination and information obtained from the Walker County Sheriff’s Office investigation, the manner of death was ruled a suicide.  Subsequently, the Medical Examiner’s Office reviewed additional information connected to this case and performed further forensic testing.  Based on the review, the results of the manner of death remain unchanged as the new information provided did not support a new finding.”

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