Woman follows squirrel to injured baby, saving it

The Pulaski Police Department in Virginia shared a story that you have to see to believe — and luckily, it was caught on camera. A woman walking on a park trail noticed a squirrel was following her. What happened next led her to call the police.

Tia Powell was in Kiwanis Park when she was “approached by a squirrel,” the police department wrote on Facebook. “The squirrel stood in her way on the trail.” Powell realized the squirrel wasn’t going to harm her — and it was also not going to leave her alone.

She followed the creature down the trail, where it showed her a baby squirrel with an injured leg. Powell wasn’t sure she could help, but when she began walking away, “the squirrel followed her again and actually tugged her pant leg!” the police department’s post continued.

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“Powell then realized that a cat was attempting to attack momma and baby squirrel.” That prompted her to call a friend and the police department, the post says. Officers arrived and found Powell sitting on the ground with both squirrels. She and her friend, Jasmine Brown, were able to get the squirrels back into the tree.

The police department commended Powell, whom they dubbed “The Squirrel Whisperer,” for following her instincts and trusting that something was wrong. Police noted that multiple “rehabbers” were also called, but they were unable to transport the baby squirrel. But thanks to Powell and her friend, both animals were kept safe.

When a squirrel stopped this woman for help, she took it seriously and was lead to its injured baby. The police department responded and posted video of what they saw.

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