Woman reunited with firefighters who saved her life

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) —  Saturday was a great day for Chattanooga Fire Station 20. Firefighters were reunited with a woman who they weren’t so sure she would even make it.

Carrie Gann was pulled from her burning house in September fought to recover and to be able to thank her heroes.

At one point in the 911 call, Gann yells “Hurry!” and the dispatchers replies, “We are getting you some help there.”

September 20th is a day that Carrie Gann says she will never forget as well as the team of Chattanooga first responders who helped save her life.

Gann told them that “this [experience] gives things a different perspective.”

Gann’s house is still standing and she says it is a grim reminder of a night that she will never forget. The chilling 911 call paints a not so pretty picture as the dispatcher works to keep Gann on the line.

Gann screams, “I can’t get out of the house… it’s hot.”

For the dispatcher, the cliffhanger began minutes in when Gann’s breathing slows and she stops responding, but the dispatcher stayed on the line until she was sure Gann had been rescued.

Gann says, tears in her eyes, “If it wasn’t for yall I wouldn’t be here.”All of yall helped.” One of the firefighters laughed and said, “It takes a crowd.”

However, getting to this happy reunion hasn’t been easy for Gann. After a long stay at the ICU and losing her two dogs, one of which she had for 14 years, moving forward has been difficult.

“It’s hard not been able to cry over them yet, I think if I start I wont be able to start,” Gann says tearfully.

Gann may have few visible scars, but she also now suffers from PTSD when every she hears the fire truck sirens. She struggles to work through the flashbacks to the night of her rescue. It was a day that Gann is working to forget, but grateful to have not been alone.

The first responders were equally glad that she pulled through and Gann says that even though she lost one home and two family members, she gained more than a dozen more at Station 20.


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