Woman Steals Beer in an Unusual Way

Petty theft happens often, but one local convenience store is asking HOW?

After one woman walks way with a case of beer.

It’s the unusual way she managed to steal the drinks that’s got many scratching their heads.

The woman who has yet to be identified by police somehow stuck an entire 12 pack of beer up her skirt.

It happened at Winters USA Fuels on East 23rd Street in Chattanooga.

“I accused of her being one of the thigh master queens. To be able to put a 12 pack of beer between your legs and walk that far with it, said owner Jim Winters.

She managed to walk from the cooler area to the front counter, but not before stopping by the register to take all of the coins from the change jar.

Once she got left the store she filled her gas tank by using the seventy cents she took.

“Customers came in and identified her as being a family member. And said it, she does it frequently. The Police department has her name and information and if it’s the same person she has 12 previous records”, said Winters.

Winters has filed a police.

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