Woodmore Elementary Thanks Foster Grandparents

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – If you think teachers have a busy day now—you can imagine how the school day would go without volunteers.
l Mitchell tells us about the unique Foster Grandparents program at Woodmore elementary school.

MARY GRIFFITH, FOSTER GRANDPARENT "With me, I say if I can just help one….I’ve helped quite a few."

It’s the third annual Mayor’s Day of Recognition for National Service, and Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke was at Woodmore Elementary early Tuesday this morning to see how the program is working locally.

MAYOR ANY BERKE "This is done around the country. Last year there were about 1700 mayors participated in it. I’m proud because you can certainly see in Chattanooga we want to be part of something bigger than ourselves…and that’s why we have such incredible commitment among our community."

The grandparents and other volunteers fill the gaps in a school day—making sure that no child goes without some special attention. It can make a difference in a child’s future.

MARY GRIFFITH, FOSTER GRANDPARENT "These children are special as well. They need a lot of help…a lot of training, a lot of support and that’s what all of here at Woodmore do."

MAYOR BERKE "We’re recognizing people like grandparents who put so much into our community ..Last year it was about 107-thousand hours in our city ..we want to say thank you to people who make everybody’s life better."

Also taking part were members of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program.
Most of the Foster Grandparents are also retired..and they say the best part of volunteering is the way it allow them to remain productive.

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