Worker killed in WACKER industrial accident

UPDATE: Statement from Wacker

“Wacker-Charleston is deeply saddened to report the fatality of an individual who suffered injuries related to an industrial incident that occurred at our plant at 10:04 a.m. this morning.

Family members have been notified and our hearts go out to them.

Three other individuals are being treated at local hospitals, and one person has been treated and released for injuries related to the incident.

As reported earlier, the incident did not result in any impact to the community or the environment. An investigation is ongoing.

We thank the local emergency response organizations for their support.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with the injured individuals and the family of the deceased.”


Wacker Polysilicon Vice President & Site Director Mary Beth Hudson tells Mix 104.1 that a contract worker was killed in the incident.[0]=68.ARAMI9C8rcMYhsS0lfrucQZZdrgmMFvYt23G7veMw9xqEx7jK9YhLQKt_5dR0Uwzy7c_uWZw2vU8JvM6CiaUQRlxPaGt1qAMch_z7PBVD6fYF6Ybw8QOgiKq16uRDhfEvzw-Y9bv-1SRe4iNVGZV15-RttEAKjJ9SDTFomKOdAhfQXeawtdpm4fjbb6v4try5VIw9pygk1BDvz4fxndsYLB4DCv_E_usQQQ1_fpge-fNByQ60v63qU1WJE3_3Ye0Q2rlRWce3fDq2FUpCty1Kpj_-1CCvzUv7THey1KTXexj-I8FXhRLQsXofKIpMg-RxmXlmCM4gGuMUKS0Hs0eYf9G-yYpR199&__tn__=-R 


CHARLESTON, Tennessee- Bradley County EMA said just after 10:00 A.M. on Friday WACKER in Charleston Tennessee had an industrial accident resulting in five people injured.

Bradley county’s Emergency services director Shawn Fairbanks say one person was MedFlighted to Vanderbilt, two patients were MedFlighted to Erlanger, and the other two were driven to Tennova.

“Bradley County is not at liberty to talk about that as my understanding is going to be under investigation because of the accident,” said Fairbanks.

Another incident happen at the Wacker plant back in 2017, when 13 people were injuries in a plant explosion.

After being asked why there wasn’t an alert sent out given this previous event, Fairbanks said no alert was sent because there was no threat to the community.

“We don’t want people to see it and just kind of throw their phones and not pay attention to it so we only use it for more serious events nothing came into the system the airways to the community or that system would’ve been activated,” said Fairbanks.

“Just as a precautionary purpose they were going to leave students inside today and not allow them to go out we made them aware that there was no harm to schools I was the one who who told her there was no released there’s no need to stay inside,” said Fairbanks.

“We have gas monitoring detectors we knew what happen when you what we had to do to be left with to help people we didn’t have no clouds we didn’t have no releases,” said Fairbanks.

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