World Cup: How to watch Monday’s matches

Matchday 3 of the 2018 FIFA World Cup is here. In this third and final match of the group stage, both teams in each group will play simultaneously. This help prevent match fixing by teams and players, stemming back to an incident during the 1982 World Cup.

In the final match of group play that year, Germany and Austria played each other. Algeria was also in their group and had won their third match the day prior. A win by Austria or a draw would have seen Austria and Algeria advance. But a win by Germany would have sent Germany and Austria through. 

Germany took a 1-0 lead early in the match. After that, both the Austirans and the Germans merely passed the ball around with no apparent desire to score. It was a lazy match that resulted in boos and the subsequent scheduling change.

2018 World Cup Standings

Here are the current standings. Teams are awarded three points for a win and one for a tie. (win – loss – tie)

World Cup matches Friday

*all times Eastern

Group A Standings

  1. Russia  (2-0-0) 6 points
  2. Uruguay (2-0-0) 6 points
  3. Egypt (0-0-2) 0 points
  4. Saudi Arabia (0-0-2), 0 points

Group B Standings

  1. Spain (1-1-0) 4 points
  2. Portugal (1-1-0 ) 4 points
  3. Iran (1-0-0), 3 points
  4. Morocco (0-0-2) 0 points

Group C Standings

  1. France(2-0-0) 6 points
  2. Denmark (1-1-0) 4 points
  3. Australia (0-1-1), 1 point
  4. Peru (0-0-2) 0 points

Group D Standings

  1. Croatia (2-0-0) 6 points
  2. Nigeria (1-0-1) 3 points
  3. Iceland (0-1-0) 1 point
  4. Argentina (0-1-1) 1 point

Group E Standings

  1. Brazil (1-1-0) 4 points
  2. Switzerland (1-1-0) 4 points
  3. Serbia (1-0-1) 3 points
  4. Costa Rica (0-2-0) 0 points

Group F Standings

  1. Mexico (2-0-0) 6 points
  2. Germany (1-0-1) 3 points
  3. Sweden (1-0-1) 3 points
  4. South Korea (0-0-2) 0 points

Group G Standings

  1. England (2-0-0) 6 points
  2. Belgium (2-0-0) 6 points
  3. Tunisia (0-0-2) 0 points
  4. Panama (0-0-2) 0 points

Group H Standings

  1. Japan (1-1-0) 4 points
  2. Senegal (1-1-0) 4 points
  3. Colombia (1-0-1) 3 points
  4. Poland (0-0-2) 0 points

Saudi Arabia vs. Egypt (Group A)

Mathematically, both Saudi Arabia and Egypt cannot advance past the group stage. This will be the last match for both sides.

Live stream, start time and stadium info

Uruguay vs. Russia (Group A)

With six points each, both Uruguay and Russia will be moving into the knockout stage of the tournament. The tiebreaker between group winner and group runner-up is goal differential – the difference between goals a team scored and the goals they allowed to be scored against them.

Russia leads with a +7 goal differential. Uruguay is +2. This means Uruguay must win to win the group with nine points. A draw would mean the tiebreaker goes to Russia.

Live stream, start time and stadium info

Iran vs. Portugal (Group B)

Portugal and Spain are tied with four points. But Iran has a win and three points of their own. If they could upset Cristiano Ronaldo and Protugal, they would advance. 

Live stream, start time and stadium info

  • Date: Monday, June 24
  • Time: 2:00 p.m.
  • Where: Mordovia Arena
  • TV: Fox and Telemundo
  • Stream: fuboTV (Try for free)
  • Follow: Iran vs. Portugal live blog (CBS Sports)

Spain vs. Morocco (Group B)

Morocco is mathematically eliminated. Spain needs the win for three points to keep ahead of the winner of Iran vs. Portugal. Spain is also even on goal differential with Portugal and have everything to play for.

Live stream, start time and stadium info

  • Date: Monday, June 24
  • Time: 2:00 p.m.
  • Where: Stadion Baltika
  • TV: FS1 and NBC Universo
  • Stream: fuboTV (Try for free)
  • Follow: Spain vs. Morocco live blog (CBS Sports)

Download a printable World Cup bracket

CBS Sports has created a downloadable World Cup bracket for you to follow along every World Cup match. The bracket contains all teams within all eight groups and how they place into the round of 16 in the knockout stage.

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