World War II Medal of Honor recipient Charles Coolidge Passes Away

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- “He was an honorable man, who did his duty. And was fearless and doing his duty,” said Keith Hardison.

Bill Raines said Chattanooga and America lost a great man.

“The same character traits we should emulate in our lives to make our country a strong good nation,” said Bill Raines.

Charles Coolidge is one of the few people to receive the medal of honor while in the field for his battle against the Germans in World War II.

“He and about 20 young troops, they were green troops, they just got in there withheld an attack for four days from the German army. They fought them with everything they had. They ran out of grenades, the bazookas didn’t work,” said Raines.

“He received the medal of honor for his multiple-day action along the French-German border in 1944, they don’t give those out freely,” said Hardison.

They said Coolidge’s integrity was second to none

“He did not lie, cheat or steal he did it the right way in business and in his life he was a very religious person,” said Raines.

“Someone could spend their entire life creating a life and a character of integrity and could blow it all by making a bad decision in five minutes,” said Hardison.

They said he will also be remembered for his incredible bravery

“He walked up to a tank, who does that, well Charles Coolidge did. I mean he’s that kind of an individual,” said Hardison.

“The Germans came up and asked him to surrender the said guys if you’re going to get me you’re gonna have to come get me. He saved all of his men’s lives and took them back to safety when it was obvious when they couldn’t hold them off any longer,” said Raines.

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