Wounded Chattanooga War Veteran Will Soon Be Stepping Into His New Home

In less than 24 hours, a wounded Chattanooga war veteran will be stepping into his brand new Apison home, all thanks to hundreds of volunteers with Steps2Hope.

Last year, Andrew Smith stepped on a land mine in Afghanistan and lost both his legs.

Since then, local residents wanted to give Smith and his wife a new beginning.

So, they took a year to raise money, and then built this home in seven days.

Mark Wilson, with Steps2Hope, says, "A lot of people asked us yesterday are you furnishing the house? We had not planned to do that. So, I got more people on the phone today calling local companies saying, would you like to make a gift card donation to Andrew and Tori. We’ll give them away and call the companies out tomorrow at the ceremony."

Keys to the new home will handed over to Smith Thursday at 11:30 a.m. at Hullander Farm.

An open house will take place on Sunday.

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