Wounded Warrior Project Hosts 8 Combat Veterans for “Wind Therapy” Motorcycle Tour

DALTON, Ga. (WDEF) — A group of veterans roared into the Harley Davidson dealership in Dalton today as part of a 12-week, mental health workshop sponsored by the Wounded Warrior Project.

This “Band of Brothers” shares more than their prior combat service in the U. S. Armed forces – they’re also joining together to battle their not-so-obvious injuries, like PTSD. It’s known as “Wind and Throttle therapy”.

Sponsored by the Wounded Warrior project, its part of a 12-week mental health workshop.

“We talk a lot about wind therapy, throttle therapy – when these warriors are riding, they’re focusing just on the motorcycle, their surroundings, and they’re not focusing on PTSD, TBI, or Combat Stress,” said Jon Blauvelt, Public Relations Specialist, with Wounded Warrior Project.

This week they’re doing 3 days of riding, in addition to having reflective discussions with several weeks of follow-ups.

“Not only do we have being combat veterans in common, we also have the love of riding in common, so to be able to spend the week together, riding through the Georgia mountains – we’re going to go up into Tennessee a little bit, kinda skirt the corner of North Carolina, and being that we have those two strong things in common, it allows us to open up and talk with one another about some of the things we struggle with, and it helps us to realize that we’re not alone, and we’re all in this together,” Jason Bush, U. S. Marine Veteran of Iraqi Freedom.

Thomas Kelley says this is his 4th odyssey – but it’s the first one where “wind therapy” has been employed.

“You meet a bunch of veterans that you’ve never met in your whole life unless you served with them and that’s a very rare that you’re on the same odyssey. But, you pick up on day 1 when you first get there and meet everybody, it’s just like you’ve served for 20 years together and it’s leads off in laughs and after we’re done we part ways, we keep a big group text going and it’s wonderful. It’s helped me out tremendously,” Thomas Kelley, U. S. Army Veteran, with 2 tours in Iraq.

The Mountain Creek Harley Dealership hosted the warriors today for a tour and a cookout.
For more information, check out: Wounded Warrior Project.org.

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