WRWOS: A survivor’s story

Students at Skyuka Hall hear from a Holocaust Survivor

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Holocaust survivor Lore Stoll Tinney talked to students at Skyuka Hall about her family’s experiences.

“When I came to this country I become a citizen of United States.. the proudest day of my life.”

JILL INGALLS/SKYUKA HALL: “We think that it’s very important to make history real. And one of the ways that you do that is you bring someone in who’s been a part of History.”

” I was but eight years old when I’ve… when they took us to concentration.”

JILL INGALLS: “When you read something, we feel like the students read something on the Internet or see something, that it’s a story that’s from far away to somebody that seems almost imaginary. But when you bring somebody in, it makes it relevant it makes it real.”

“We couldn’t do anything just walk, walk in a land on the farms things like that.”

Junior MOLLY DRNDEN: “I think it was pretty horrible that she had to experience that. I mean nobody really should have had to experience that.”

Junior JAIDEN WILLIAMS: “It sounded as if it was really hard. Uh talking back to some things that I’ve also learned… from like 5th 6th and seventh grade. It just seemed like it was very hard on the people that were in the concentration camps.”

“My grandfather, my mama’s ah… father, and my father… he was German.”

RUBY TINNEY/GRANDAUGHTER: “You don’t have to be a Jew. It was anybody that had property, anybody that was educated, anybody that had money. They took it.”

LORE STOLL TINNEY: “Well… it’s no use to keep the hate to a hate in your soul. Because they’re just… it, you don’t hurt them. But you’re going to hurt yourself, if you hate other people.”

JILL INGALLS: “We feel like this was such a special occasion that we could find somebody who was actually in a concentration camp; who experienced World War II. Who was put on a cattle train and taken to a concentration camp Who could talk about that. And that who’s still living and able, to share that experience with our students.”

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