WRWOS: Chattanooga Prep expanding to Knoxville

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Since its establishment back in 20-18, Chattanooga Preparatory School has become a successful institution, preparing its students for life after high school.

The model has been so well received, that the school is in the process of establishing a campus in Knoxville.

Let’s go deeper into the story of Chattanooga Prep in this week’s What’s Right With Our Schools. Chattanooga Prep is a tuition free public charter school.

“You are going to go back and switch to another one of three cells.”

Chattanooga Prep Principal Diamond Kelley: “We are just finishing reading being named a level five school here at Chatt Prep.”

It means that last year we significantly moved most of our students. And our goal is every year that we move every student at least one year’s worth of growth or more. We have increased our enrollment so we’re up to 380 young men.”

Student Charles Smith: “I like what we do. I like the advanced classes and what not. Most other schools … they don’t have like AP Human Geography or AP biology and I like that these classes give you college credits if you pass them.”

Diamond: “We are six through 10 there now so we have two years of high school under our belt and so we’re growing bigger and better every day.”

Chattanooga Prep CEO Brad Scott: “We are filing our letter of intent today matter-of-fact, to open Knoxville Preparatory School. The Knox County Board of Education still has to approve, evaluates applications. The vote will be next April. I said between now and April at the district, Knox County schools will be evaluating our charter. But we’re really excited. How can we impact more students both here in Chattanooga and Knoxville; there’s a need.”

“Chattanooga and Knoxville Chattanooga Knoxville are very similar. Besides the fact that we share a river. We also shared opportunities for young men and student outcomes. So we’re answering the call, we tell our students here at Chattanooga Prep, “Do more to achieve more.”

“So when hearing from Knox County residents, we would love a mission focus for boys modeled like Chattanooga Prep in Knoxville. We say let’s do. Thanks to Chattanooga and the community, we’ve had huge success. It takes a village. And in our village here in our community has provided support for young men, excellent teachers that we have here at Chattanooga Prep who provided excellent education every single day. Our principal Miss Kelly, our entire organization from our board to our founders. Love our young men and that’s the story of success the village.”

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