WRWOS: Ivy Academy is adding an elementary school

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Ivy Academy started with only one grade. Now, after years of growth, they’re adding a K through 5 school to go with the existing 6th through 12th grades they have now.

This is all just another example of What’s Right With Our Schools.

Angie: Ivy began in 2009 with just a ninth grade class. We’ve had great academic results. Students are very happy. Families are very pleased. So we have ground to the extent that we have had to add more buildings, we have grown further and have constant request for the other grades that we didn’t have here. So now we are going to be opening up a K through fifth grade school.

natural sound: plants thank you! Remember they are producers! They produce their own food.

Laura: We have a cool opportunity to, we’re not just stuck indoors. And so I can based off of the lesson that I do or what the content is I can utilize the outdoors. And I can take the class outside and pretty much any space out here is an outdoor classroom.

Angie: With our theme being environmental education we waive the outdoors and to every course an action and activity. That just sets us apart and it very much meets the needs that the modern learner has now.

Zoey: do you know how like and in middle school you don’t have any recess? Well like here like when you’re on the trail it is like recess.

Julian: I mostly outsideI enjoy being mostly outside because like feeling the wind, seeing animals birds and all that it is a very good place. It’s calm it’s calming you can see nature more.

Robert: It’s truly fun because you get to spend most of your time outside. And it’s not something you would be able to do at most of the schools.

Natural Sound: You’re going to start from the bottom corner here.

Angie: I think the outdoor portion seals the deal for a lot of kids and a lot of families because the human body needs that. It needs outdoor fresh air sunshine and vitamin D to be healthy. And our culture has shifted to a point where a lots of times we’re just inside so much of the time. And that creates a need. And so this meet that need. The website for the new K through fifth the school is up. And you can go to www.ivyelementary.com. Application windows open this up this September it will be for Fall 2022. So we look forward to having a lot more awesome students from our awesome Hamilton county pool.

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