WWTA Hits Roadblock

HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WDEF) – The Hamilton County Water and Wastewater Authority hits another roadblock.

An appeals court ruled in favor of American Heritage Apartments.

They sued WWTA because they did not want to pay an $8 monthly charge per apartment unit.

The charge was for a project designed to fix sewer service lines.

The attorney representing WWTA says the problem stems from the Environmental Protection Agency.

They’re requiring a major upgrade in sewer systems across the country.

Chris Clem, the attorney representing WWTA, says, "Millions and millions of dollars. We have to replace all the lines, all the pump stations, upgrade everything, inspect everything including peoples private property including service laterals that extend from the sewer to the home or to the apartment complexes."

Officials say WWTA customers will eventually need to pay more to cover some of those repair costs.

A case will now be heard to determine how high WWTA can raise rates for American Heritage Apartments.

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