Young and Wiser Inc of Chattanooga Aim To Raise Awareness of College Campus Sexual Assaults

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-"Actually I was a victim of sexual assault and domestic violence and going through the things I went through I did a lot of things alone".

Jodi Siebert is now a member of Chattanooga non-profit Young and Wiser and is dedicating her life to protecting young women from sexual abuse.

"I went through periods where I was not essentially doing the most positive things in my life and you know I felt alone and struggled to trust other individuals".

Young and Wiser founder Tom Bissonette has already done an 8 state college campus speech tour raising awareness of sexual assault and is gearing up for a busy summer.

"Individual developmental assessments we do mentoring we train high school staff and teachers, we train college faculty and counselors".

1 in 5 women on  US college campuses now admit to experiencing some form of sexual assault.

"Sexual assault is epidemic on college campuses, if you pick up a newspaper or watch a TV program you are going to hear about sexual assault".

Young and Wiser will spend the next few months working with sexual assault victims and also preparing high school seniors for college life.

The US justice department estimates that only 2% of sexual abuse victims who were drunk during an attack will report it to authorities.

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