Young father charged with child abuse for police chase with 4 year old inside

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Chattanooga police charge a young father with aggravated child abuse after leading officers on a high speed chase with his 4 year old in the car.

It started in Fort Oglethorpe on Lafayette highway.

A city officer pulled 22 year old James Michael Farris because his tail light was not working.

The officer says he did pull over, but then he sped away, trying to ram him in the process.

The chase ran onto Cloud Springs Road to I 75, then I 24 before Farris crashed at the Rossville Boulevard exit.

The Fort Oglethorpe officer thought Farris had a gun, so he fired a shot at him.

The bullet missed Farris, who ran off, and hit the car door frame instead.

When the officer went up to the car, he discovered a four year old inside, just feet away from the bullet hole.

The child was in the front passenger seat, with no restraint.

The girl also suffered superficial injuries in the wreck.

While the Fort Oglethorpe officer took care of the child, a Chattanooga officer chased down Farris.

He says Farris acted like he had a gun and yelled “Your’re going to have to shoot me. I’m not going to jail.”

He says the suspect continued to advance on him shouting “Shoot me.”

Instead the officer used a taser on him, and took him into custody.

The officer says Farris told him later that he ran because he was afraid they would take his daughter from him.

Now Farris faces charges of aggravated child abuse, neglect, and reckless endangerment in addition to the chase charges.

The little girl was turned over to her mother.

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