Young Girl Donates Birthday Money to Walker County K9 Officer

Rossville, TN (WDEF) – While most 9-year-old girls plan sleepovers and slumber parties for their 10th birthday, one local girl decided to do something a little different.

Lauren Schwall said she’s not one of those kids that want a lot for her birthday. So when she turned 10, in July, she and her mother came up with the idea to raise money for a good cause. Schwall rose more than 240-dollars to donate to the Walker County Sheriff’s Office to buy a K9 vest for Officer Missy.

"I think it’s awesome," said Deputy Zach Simpson, "It’s heartwarming. You know, to think of a 10-year-old being that, you know, selfless and wanting to give everything for her birthday to a cause like this it, just-I think it’s great."

K9 vests are important, because the dogs go into extremely dangerous situations and need to be protected as well as their human partners. "Cause a lot of other dogs need it," said Schwall, "There’s probably hundreds of dogs around the world that need these protective vests that might save their life one day."

As for Schwall, family members say she wouldn’t accept one single birthday gift. She said her donation to the Walker County Sheriff’s Office is present enough.

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