Zika Virus Warnings

Georgia (WDEF) – It’s mosquito season, which raises concerns over the diseases they can carry.

The North Georgia Health District is trying to get residents to stop leaving places for them to breed—like any standing water.

There are no Zika cases in the state so far, but the Yellow Fever Mosquito, and the Asian Tiger mosquito can carry that disease, along with a dozen others.

“They only carry it if they get it from another ..if they bite someone who has Zika, and then transmits it to another person thru another bite. So, its not as though every Asian Tiger mosquito has the Zika virus–no, none of them do as far as we know.” said Director of Environmental Health Ray King.

King says mosquitoes only travel a few hundred feet in their lifetime…so the source of your mosquito problem is nearby.

The best advice is to get rid of old tires, bird baths, stopped-up rain gutters and any other places where water is collected.

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