Zoo safety protocol

Local zoo representatives spoke with us about their protocols in the event of severe weather here in the Tennessee Valley. Stacy Laberdee, Chattanooga Zoo said, "First and foremost if there is ever threat of bad weather, tornadoes, hail storms or things like that we shift all of the dangerous animals inside right away."

More than 50 tornado reports were taken after severe weather tore through the midwest Wednesday. Footage of zoo animals were taken in Oklahoma following the damage. Locally the Chattanooga Zoo takes great measures to keep their animals safe when severe weather ramps up in our neck of the woods. Laberdee said, "The zoo pulls together and pulls the rest of the animals in some place safe. If we need to we shut down electrical outlets, gas lines and things like that to ensure safety." However representatives say that some of the animals would be difficult to move. Laberdee said, "Camels, our bison that is in the petting zoo, they are a little large and not easy to move, so those would probably be ones. We also have some deer." Zoo staff say they practice their safety procedures on a consistent basis. Laberdee said, "We have codes in place that we use on the radio, so if there was a threat of weather we would say theres a code green. All of our staff knows to instantly react to what a code green is which is a natural disaster or bad weather code."

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