10 people mistakenly injected with insulin instead of flu shot

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At least 10 people in Oklahoma have been hospitalized Wednesday night after apparently getting insulin injections instead of flu shots, CBS affiliate KOTV reports. Health professionals were administering what they thought were flu shots at Jacquelyn House, a facility for people with disabilities, according to Bartlesville Police and Fire Department.

They were instead injected with what authorities believe to be insulin, Bartlesville Police Chief Tracy Roles confirmed to KOTV. Shortly after 4:30 p.m. the first 911 call came in about an unresponsive person.

That person had extremely low blood sugar, according to first responders, who then noticed others exhibiting similar symptoms.

Eight residents and two employees were transported by ambulance to the hospital. Roles praised the fire department and EMS, which contained the situation.

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The shots were administered by a pharmacist who has been in practice for 40 years, police said, KOTV reports.

“The person who administered what we believe is insulin is being very cooperative,” Roles said. “Not being evasive or elusive at all. I’m so hopeful that means that this was just a terrible accident. The bigger hope is that all of the patients who are at the hospital make a full recovery.”

“How that happened is certainly something that I’m interested in knowing,” Roles added.

Jane Phillips Hospital said all of the patients were treated and will soon be released.

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