$1,000 reward for arrest of graffiti bandits

CLEVELAND, Tennessee(WDEF) – Cleveland city leaders are so upset and disturbed over obscene and racist graffiti along the Greenway that they are donating money from their own wallets towards a cash reward.

The reward is for information leading to the arrest and conviction for whoever is responsible for spray painting the obscene images and racist slurs.

"That really offend me and a lot of people to. In fact, the courts could determine if that should be considered a hate crime," said Cleveland Mayor Tom Roland

"It definitely is a race thing. It definitely is. We’re not just looking at cartoon characters that are just paintings. We’re talking male body parts, and it’s offensive to people," said Cleveland Police spokeswoman Evie West.

The obscene images phrases also made it uncomfortable for many parents who were walking along the Greenway with their children.

"It hurts and you don’t want your children to see it or read it," said one mother who was walking the Greenway with her two young children.

"I think it’s disgusting. I really do. It’s just terrible for children to see it," said another woman who was also walking the Greenway.

The vandalism wasn’t just limited to graffiti. A park bench was literally ripped from it’s foundation.

"I can’t image this would be something that only one person would be doing because it is a lot of damage," West said.

The cost of fixing what was broken along with painting over the graffiti continues to add up. In the meantime, police are stepping up their patrols.

City leaders are also considering the idea of installing security cameras along the Greenway.

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