Local workers rally in support of VW Chattanooga UAW election

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – A crowd gathered in Miller Park Monday afternoon.

Some held signs reading, “Let them vote” and “UAW Union Yes.”

From Ironworkers Local 704 to Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 179, members from several local unions came to share their support for Volkswagen workers wanting a UAW union election.

It was an event hosted by the Chattanooga Area Central Labor Council.

“We want them to be able to have a choice to have a voice. To be able to say yay or nay if they want a union,” Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1212 Recording Secretary Lakecha Strickland said.

“This is about Chattanooga workers at Volkswagen Chattanooga taking care of our issues that’s all it’s about. Let us vote. Let us handle our issues,” VW worker Billy Quigg said.

“They want something in writing that is a binding contract. They want the company to succeed. They don’t want it to fail,” VW worker Roger Dalton said.

The rally did see some opposition.

During the event people attempted covering up a small group with The Center for Union Facts holding a sign that said “It’s time for the UAW to fix its culture of corruption.”

“We are a nonprofit. We fight for accountability in the labor movement,” The Center for Union Facts Communications Director Charlyce Bozzello said.

The union has seen some push back from VW workers that are against the UAW.

That includes a group called Southern Momentum.

“I think the VW workers are not energized by this and they are not responding to the the message that’s being sent out by the UAW,” Southern Momentum Attorney Maury Nicely said.

The rally consisted of mostly workers with local unions.

Only a handful of VW workers came to the event.

The ones that were there said that’s because many workers couldn’t make it because of work.

The UAW has made moves to get an election, but have not seen a vote happen yet.

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