11-year-old switch pitcher catches MLB eyes

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Chattanooga’s the home to the next baseball phenom — 11-year-old Christopher Gordon.

“The parents’ whispers are, ‘This is the kid that can switch pitch,'” Christopher’s father Michael Gordon said.

Gordon is already catching major league eyes by throwing from both sides.

“We started with a tennis ball, and I would try to throw it over my entire house. Every time I would make it over the house, I would switch,” Christopher said.

“He would break so many things left handed. He’d break things right handed,” Michael said. “But he and I were really persistent about doing that, but because of how active he is, he never complained. He was always ready to throw.”

“He was willing. He had a drive. He wanted to play. He was excited about playing. And that little arm was strong, too,” mom Erica said.

Add on switch hitting, and Gordon has turned himself into a quadruple threat before even graduating 5th grade.

“It just felt normal,” Christopher said. “Knowing that I can throw left handed and right handed, it’s pretty much easy just to swing left handed and right handed.”

“‘Wow, what are you all feeding that kid?!” is what a parent told me the other day,” Erica said. “I was like … ‘Are you sure he’s 11?’ And I was like, ‘He is.’ He’s like, ‘Wow, his arm is amazing!’ And I said, ‘It is.’ I said, ‘But he works hard. He really does.”

“Six, five o’clock in the morning while I’m sleeping, you can hear him swinging in the morning, hitting the wall and stuff. I know that he’s always working,” older sister Brooklyn said.

“It’s tough. Like it’s extremely tough to have the skills that he has because so much more is demanded from a kid that has his elite skills,” Michael said. “So he accepts the challenge and keeps pushing forward with that big smile and tons of energy.”

His hard work has received major league attention. Seattle Mariners starter Justin Dunn even sent Christopher his glove.

“It makes me want to go. It pushes me to be better, and it pushes me to make me want to go into the MLB, and it pushes me so I can become great just like him, just like Justin,” Christopher said.

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