11 year olds start lawn mowing business during pandemic

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) – Most 11-year-olds choose to sit back and relax during their summer break but for two Georgetown girls, they choose to help others.

Gracie Strong and Cadence Kerr have been friends for four years, they met while playing softball together.

Both enjoy being outdoors and mowing lawns for their neighbors.

Two months ago, the girls decided to create a business around doing what they enjoyed for fellow Scott County residents, and Boss Ladies Mowing Service was born.

“People are really excited. Most people don’t enjoy mowing the lawn so whenever we go and we ask people if they would like their lawn mowed… they’re like super excited like sure when do you want to do it?” Gracie says.

The girls say they hoped their business would grow but didn’t expect it to ever get this kind of response.

Their Facebook page now has a little over three hundred likes, but for Gracie and Cadence, this isn’t just about profit but also positivity.

“I always wish that they would always get out into the world and be nice to other people and always do the same,” Cadence says.

Throughout this experience the girls say they have learned real-world skills such as what a profit and loss statement is, how to balance expenses and the importance of reliable and friendly customer service.

They say they plan to save up for a zero turn mower to help make their jobs easier or a go-kart.

Gracie and Cadence say their parents are very involved in the process and are very proud of them working towards their business.

If you are interested in finding out more about their business visit their Facebook page or call (859) 699-6874.

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