Dog dies after being shot in Ooltewah

(OOLTEWAH, Tenn) – The humane educational society is now investigating a case of possible animal cruelty in Ooltewah.

Ansley Ash got home from work on Thursday when she let her dog, Lily, outside.

According to Ash, she was on the phone with a friend when she noticed her dog was across the street in her neighbors yard.

Ash says that Lily is a deaf dog but when she made eye contact with her she came running back towards the house.

Ash then heard a shot fired and her dog screaming.

Ash says that Lily had to be put down because the bullet was lodged in her bladder and colon.

A Signal Mountain Veterinarian explains the dangers any type of gun can have on a small dog.

“Pellet guns you think you will do hopefully not as much damage; Granted I do not condone it at all, it is still painful for the animal. It is still considered to be inhumane. But, guns that have buckshot, bird-shot, and kind of rock salt they do tend to spread,”said Dr. Katie Koss, Managing Veterinarian at the Animal Hospital of Signal Mountain.

Ash says the neighbors offered to pay the vet bill.

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