Hard Work Paying Off For Mocs Freshman RB Ailym Ford

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) UTC was off last Saturday.
But there’s never an off day for freshman running back Ailym Ford.
He’s always grinding, and it’s paying off.
Ford is the top freshman FCS rusher in America, averaging 92 yards a game.

Due to injuries, Ailym Ford has carried the ball 60 times in the last two games, although Ford probably wishes it was 80 times.
Said head coach Rusty Wright:”He has worked himself into being a good football player. He came in here with a mind-set that he could do it and worked at doing it and continues to work to do it. He will just work. You ask him. When you get a chance to speak to him. You ask him how he’s doing today. He’s going to tell you he’s doing great. No matter how he feels.”
Reporter:”How do you feel?”
Said Ford:”Feel great.” (chuckling)
Said Wright:”You love being around that. That’s the kind of guys you want to be around. You want those positive people you are around all the time.”
Reporter:”Does he just have that toughness about him?”
Said offensive lineman Cole Strange:”Yeah. It’s just a mind-set that he has. Not many have it. I like to think that I have it. I know he has it. I have a lot of respect for him.”
Doesn’t take long for a freshman to get noticed with a tough mind set.
Wright:”We were doing special teams drills, and he’s knocking people out.”
Reporter:”I know Rusty said you were knocking people out. Do you remember anything like that?”
Ford:”Yes sir, and I enjoyed every bit of it.”
Said linebacker Marshall Cooper:”Ford is a little bowling ball. I love Ford. He’s a strong dude. He’ll put his head down and run and try to run you over. He’s making our linebacker group a lot better.”
Expect Ford to keep on working.
Ford:”Just my mind-set. It’s just how I grew up. I just don’t want to fall behind, so I have to try and stay ahead.”

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