People stepping in to help Fort Payne Police Sargent, family after house fire

FORT PAYNE, Ala. (WDEF) – A fire burned through Fort Payne Police Sgt. JC Brown and his family’s home.

Sgt. Brown woke up to the fire early Christmas Eve.

“I went to the kitchen and opened my sliding glass door and that’s when the flame came in and at that point I just tried to wake my wife up and get all the kids out because I knew we didn’t have too much time,” Sgt. Brown said.

Sgt. Brown, his wife Amy and three kids are spending Christmas still trying to process the situation and doing the best they can considering the devastating loss.

“We didn’t know where we were going to have our Christmas dinner at you know and all that today, but my Aunt has stepped in and helped us a little bit,” Amy Brown said.

People have been stepping up to help the Browns after the incident.

The police department started taking donations and Brown’s nephew started a GoFundMe page.

The page has raised over $18,000 since Tuesday.

“Everything was in the house. Everything they’ve ever had or everything they’d ever cared about other than themselves was in the house and I want to thank God that they made it out, that they’re okay and still have each other,” Brown’s Nephew Justin Brown said.

The Browns said the response from people has been overwhelming.

“I’m just amazed,” Amy said.

“It’s been emotional,” Sgt. Brown said.

“My Captain keeps sending me stuff from where people from New Jersey and Arkansas and everywhere are trying to step in and help us,” Sgt. Brown said.

“We’re just very thankful and we just can’t express that enough to every, every single person. Every single dollar,” Sgt. Brown said.

“And everybody who donated,” Amy said.

Sgt. Brown said that a heat lamp may have started the fire.

Regardless, the Browns said they’re just thankful to be alive.

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