New animals for a new year

BRADLEY COUNTY, Tennessee- Meet mother and daughter Haddie and Hannah.

They have been at the Bradley County SPCA since October of 2019.

“So they’ve been here over a year and they don’t have any of those negative things attached to them, they’re just really sweet girls,” said Teari Haefs.

Haefs said although Haddie and Hannah are very well behaved and aren’t the typical dog at the shelter for a long time. Other dogs can be at the shelter for a while for numerous reasons.

“Maybe a behavioral issue that have to be worked on with the staff before they become adoptable also there’s medical things that come in. Also the bully breeds do the misconception of the breed and also some breed specific restrictions on people adopting them they’re usually here for longer,” said Haefs.

Despite Haddie and Hannah’s good behavior at the shelter, they do need a good home together.

“They are a bonded mother and daughter pair and they sleep together, walk together together, they do everything together. Probably go to a home that they are the only pets, no cats for them,” said Haefs.

There are other dogs such as Bloom and Candyman, who need adopting as well as numerous cats.

“Right now we’re actually a little short on dogs because luckily we got a lot of them adopted for the holidays the cats we are sort of overrun with cats right now we have a lot of them,” said Haefs.

Yes, getting a pet for the holidays is a pur-fect time but, if you’re going to get a pet make sure it’s for the right reasons.

“Depending on the age especially if you’re getting a puppy you’re looking at a 10 to 15 year commitment and you may have some behavioral issues you’re gonna have to deal with but you need to keep them for their whole life span,” said Haefs.

And if you are ready for that commitment a new year, might mean a new pet or two.

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