Chickamauga Dam Closer to Completion

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- Representative Chuck Fleischmann said with the $191 million 2021 fiscal budget there is almost enough money to complete the new lock project at Chickamauga Dam.

Fleishmann said the biggest fear was the old lock would fail before the new one is completed.

Project manager Adam Walker said the new lock being built will not only help with safety it will also help with the capacity of the lock.

Only one barge can go through the old lock at one time. When the new lock is done, up to nine barges can go through at a time.

“The new like being 110 x 600’ will actually hold nine barges which is about an 80% increase in efficiency for the towing industry. It affords them a lot more efficiency when they come through this lock to access some of the upstream businesses and cities, like the city of Knoxville,” said Walker.

The Project completion date is as early as November of 2025.

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