Group Encourages Health Insurance Coverage

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Get Covered Tennessee is urging uninsured Chattanoogans to get health insurance.

The organization recently hosted two Affordable Care Act enrollment workshops to help residents get informed about Obamacare, and answer any questions they may have about enrollment.

Presenters say it’s still too early to know how ACA will be impacted after the recent presidential election.

They still encourage folks to get coverage if needed.

“We don’t have a lot of information,” said Katherlyn Geter, a workshop presenter. “Kind’ve what we’re trying to share with the general community is that at least for 2017, ACA, Obamacare is here, so we’re encouraging people that have had coverage to remain insured, to renew their information and get connected into a plan. And then a lot of folks that are kind’ve sitting by the sidelines unsure, is to get with an assister or call the marketplace and at least see what their options for 2017 will be.”

Geter says if a repeal does happen, it will take time to go into effect.

Enrollment is open through January 31.

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