How 3 Alabama Republicans court Trump voters in next week’s Senate Primary

MONTGOMERY, Alabama (WDEF) – President Trump may be hitting historically low approval ratings, but you can’t tell it from the Alabama Senate race next week.

The President is scoring very well in the campaign ads airing back in Alabama on the Republican side.

Each of the 3 front runners to replace Jeff Sessions in the Senate say their main goal is to support the President’s agenda.

And they are attacking each others’ abilities to do the same.

Here is our breakdown of the 3 leading Republicans (out of 9) candidates going into the primary on Tuesday, August 15th.


Strange served as Alabama’s Attorney General before he was named to temporarily fill the seat of Jeff Sessions when he was appointed to the Trump Administration.

A month ago, he swore his allegiance to Trump.

“President Trump is the greatest thing that’s happened to this country. I consider it a Biblical miracle that he’s there.”

And the President has endorsed him in this race, since he has voted with the Trump administration 93.% of the time so far.

However, another endorsement has proven more of a problem.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republican Fund.

His opponents have called for McConnell’s replacement after the failed health bill and call Strange “part of the swamp.”

Strange also supports the filibuster tradition in the Senate, which President Trump would love to see dropped.

Strange fires back at his critics in his recent ad:



The former State Supreme Court Chief Justice is in a neck and neck race with Strange according to the polls.

He was twice removed from the bench when federal judges did not think he was enforcing rulings on the Ten Commandment monuments and Same Sex Marriage.

The Judge has been endorsed by the Conservative Alabama Republican Assembly.

And he certainly is hammering McConnell in his latest attack ad “Drain The Swamp.”



Brooks is a former state lawmaker and Congressman that has been endorsed by Tea Party groups across the state.

He is running third in the polls, ahead of the field.

Brooks got a lot of national press attention with his accounts of the Congressional baseball shooting.. and used them in his ads.

But the Senate Republican Fund has mercilessly attacked his opposition to candidate Trump.

Before Super Tuesday, Brooks called him a serial adulterer.

“I think what you’re going to see 12 to 18 months from now is a lot of people who have supported Donald Trump, they’re going to regret having done so.”

Before election day he called him the lesser of two evils (with Hillary Clinton).

Still Brooks has voted with the President more than 94 percent of the time.

He also was the candidate to suggest all the Republicans should step aside to let Jeff Sessions jump back in if the President fired him.

His ad talks about what he will do to fund the Presidents immigration wall and the “weak” Republicans not standing up for it.


This race will almost certainly end in a runoff, so we will have to see which two survive to continue attacking each other through September.

Seven Democrats are also running in their Primary on the 15th, but Robert Kennedy, Jr. has a big lead over the field in the polls.

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