Local doctors, citizens hold health care town hall

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Heath care was the topic of conversation at a town hall meeting Saturday inside the Chattanooga public library.

That’s where a panel of two doctors and two local citizens expressed there concerns over current legislation to repeal the affordable care act.

Over fifty people sat in on the discussion. Many of which oppose where the health care bill currently stands which includes medicaid cuts.

“Now, we’re starting to see signs of movement towards a bipartisan effort because they’re realizing that as members of Congress are waking up to the reality that the vast majority not only to our nation, but the vast majority of people here in Tennessee do not want this bill to pass. They realize that things like medicaid are vitally important to their well being,” said physician Dr. Danielle Mitchell.

Ginger Birnbaum also attended the town hall. Her son lives with cystic fibrosis.

Birnhaum said, “Right now, people with cystic fibrosis are living long healthy lives planning for their retirement, some of them, but that simply wont be the case if people don’t have access to the care that they need.”

Pediatrician Dr. Brent Morris spoke on the healthcare issue. He said, “It really represents a threat to the people who are on ACA and to the people on medicaid and actually it represents a threat to anybody who has insurance because it’s changing the rules for insurance what insurance means for all of us.”

Jean-Marie Lawrence is a medicaid patient.

Lawrence said, “I live everyday of my life right now in fear that I’m going to get a letter that says my home health care services are ending and I will have to live in a nursing home and quit my job.”

Current legislation has garnered mix responses from GOP lawmakers and a growing concern that the bill may not pass as is.

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