Four Teens arrested for burglary

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Four young teens have been arrested for a burglary at a Chattanooga business.

This isn’t the first time the suspects have targeted the store.

At Insane Paintball/Airsoft windows are boarded up, a trash bag covers the door and a broom is nearby. It is all evidence of a break-in.

Inside, co-owner Jared Powell looks over shelves that are now left empty.

“We came in Monday morning and found that our retail store had been broken into. We had about $2500 in retail merchandise taken as well as broken windows and a front door. Got everything replaced Tuesday,” Powell said.

But then on Wednesday night it happened again.

“Very frustrating. You know trying to clean things up from the first mess and now we’ve got another mess to deal with. So we are getting it all taken care of,” Powell said.

Police used surveillance photos to help catch four young teens who are suspected of both break-ins.

“About a month ago we had some new cameras installed and updated from some old equipment and fortunately that turned out to be perfect timing. So we were fortunate to have better images of the suspects when they got in,” Powell said.

Powell says he’s thankful detectives were able to solve this quickly.

“The police did a great job. They were a wonderful help yesterday evening and quickly were able to come up with some suspects that they thought may be involved.”

In the 12 years Insane Paintball has been in business, they never had experienced a break-in.

“This is definitely new for us so we weren’t familiar with this experience. So we’ve got a lot of good security measures in place, but we have definitely found some issues that we need to get taken care of.”

While Powell hopes a break-in won’t happened again, he’s prepared for if it does.

Police say they are not going to release the names of the suspects because they are minors.

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