Tennessee Redistricting meeting

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- “No obviously not every comment, not every recommendation will be followed. But if we don’t provide them with the best knowledge that we have we can expect them to do their job well,” said Debby Gould.

Teresa Turner said for the first time in Hamilton County history, the state redistricting legislation is open to the public.

“As people interested in understanding what’s at stake, and what’s at stake is who is going to represent us at school boards. Who’s going to represent us in County Commission,” said Teresa Turner.

People from Hamilton County were able to voice their opinion about redistricting and what can be done to keep things fair.

“We just wanna look at making sure that the re-drawing of the lines are fair with regards to schools, districts. With regards to medical and health facilities within each district with regards to the population demographics,” said Audrey Ramsey.

“Resources for schools, we need grocery stores, all that is determined by who is representing us,” said Turner.

“We are collecting this information and we will deliver it to the legislative committees that will make the decision,” said Gould.

They said it’s extremely important to hear from the community because the state doesn’t know a place like the locals do.

“What kind of state funds, federal funds come into your community and so you very much want to voice your opinion on if there are real significant needs in your community. This is the time to really make your voice be heard,” said Ramsey.

They ask everyone to speak to their county commissioner so their voice is heard for Wednesday’s 9:30 meeting.

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