City of Chattanooga makes group effort to reduce crime

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Chattanooga mayor’s office has released some good news on violent crime.

Mayor Andy Berke said the city hasn’t seen a homicide in 63 days.

He says gun crime by group gang members in Chattanooga is down, as well, by 45-percent this year to date.

Over the years, the city has worked to reduce violent crime through policing efforts, like the Violent Crime Reduction Initiative and Focus Deterrence.

According to Mayor Berke, the community has also played a role in fighting crime.

“We have a citizen safety coalition and lots of community led efforts that are all about giving people access to opportunity and so you can’t just try one side you have to make sure you have both the policing side and the community side down.”

The Chattanooga Citizen’s Safety Coalition has over 300 volunteers throughout the Chattanooga area that help others with job opportunities to mentorship in schools.

The program is one of the several efforts to reduce crime being made by, both, the community and police.

It’s a group effort battling crime in hopes of making Chattanooga a safe place for everyone.

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