4th Downtown Business Closes their Doors

Emily Mastrapa from Collegedale and frequent customer to Noodles & Company, said she’s upset to see it go.

"I really love Noodles & Company…and I was really sad.
Now, there’s not going to be one close to me all…this was the closest one."

Several people stood outside if the restaurant’s locked doors to find a sign saying they are "closed."

The loss of Noodles and Company marks the fourth restaurant to close downtown in ONE month.

Vaudeville Café closed in late October, followed by Mama’s Italian Villa, and Sugar’s Ribs last week.

Amy Donahue who works for River City Company, an economic development group for the downtown area, said there may be a reason as to why there have been so many closings recently.

"I do think downtown, is a different market for retail and restaurants and Both residents and tourists alike sort of have different exceptions. You know, they’re expecting local…unique options that really are specific to the area that you’re in."

The franchisee owner of Noodles and Company in downtown Chattanooga, Megan Swartz, said she thinks there’s another reason why her business was no longer booming.

"The largest complaint I ever heard at that restaurant was parking."

However Donahue said that it might not have anything to do with parking.

"I think you’ll also see too, that retailers and restaurants in our area that maybe have, similar parking situation are doing just fine."

Despite there being four empty buildings near the riverfront, Donahue said that she doesn’t expect to see that staying that way.

"Whether it’s new businesses moving to the area or second concepts for existing retailers and restaurants, downtown commercial space is in high demand. I don’t think you’ll see a lot of the store fronts being vacant for very long."

Noodles and Company donated all of their leftover food to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank and CADAS.

Swartz said she is considering moving the restaurant to another location.

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