54 Arrested in Warrant Roundup

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have wrapped up their two-day operation in the Tennessee Valley.

But these law enforcement officers say that doesn’t mean they plan to stop cracking down on crime.

“Certain times of the year we have information, intelligence, and literally hundreds of years of experience that we need to do something bigger rather than smaller,” said Chief Fred Fletcher, Chattanooga police department.

Chattanooga police, Hamilton County deputies, and several other law enforcement agencies say they want to be proactive – not always reactive – when it comes to crime.

“We had a rash of shootings around this time last year, and based off the data we receive from our data analysis unit, it told us that there’s a high probability that this may happen again,” said Assistant Chief Edwin McPherson, Chattanooga police department.

News 12 tagged along as dozens of officers hit the streets this week for the warrant  roundup, making 54 arrests with 87 charges – six of them federal cases.

And they’re not done yet.

“Also we seized marijuana, crack cocaine, weapons, over 300 grams of ecstasy, a large amount of cash,” McPherson said. “These cases are being vetted through our federal partners for further prosecution.”

Many of those they arrested had ties to gangs, but officers say they also busted plenty of frequent offenders.

“We find out who are the most likely people to cause crime, disorder, particularly violence, and we do that as a team based on their criminal history, based on the charges that are outstanding, based on the intelligence we have about their ongoing activity,” Fletcher said.

Assistant Chief McPherson says he hopes this roundup will send criminals a message.

“We’re coming after you,” he said. “If you want to commit the crimes of violence in our city, the citizens of this city demand that we do something because that’s what we’re paid to do. We want everyone to be safe.”

If they couldn’t track down certain suspects during the roundup, Chief Fletcher says law enforcement will continue to go after them.

He adds, this isn’t the last time this year that officers will conduct this type of operation.

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