Golden Apple Award: Sam Sherrill, Boyd Buchanan

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – A strong understanding in Science can set the foundation for a lifetime of logical thinking. Sam Sherrill makes sure his 7th graders at Boyd Buchanan understand the world around them, and they love him for it.

Jordan Bischell is the Middle School Division Head at Boyd Buchanan Middle School.

He explains, “One of the things that makes Mr. Sherrill  fantastic teacher is that he has the technical skill set to be phenomenal at his job, but he also cares for the students so much, and he teaches from the heart.

When asked to describe himself, Mr. Sherrill says, “I’m primarily a teacher. I’m somebody who enjoys working with middle school students. I’ve always felt like it’s one of my callings in life is to work with this age group.  There were several people that inspired me to become a teacher.  Primarily I think my mom (who was also a middle school teacher) she taught middle school Bible in Lebanon Tennessee for 13 years.”

He concludes, “I’ve not always wanted to be a teacher. I originally thought that I would do youth ministry in churches, and that’s sort of the direction that I took in life when I was leaving college, but after doing that for a little while, while I was substituting full-time in schools, is when I really felt a pull more toward being with the students each and every day, because I feel like that is where the bulk of the work happens.”



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