Mom To Mom: Back To School Routines

We’re getting the kids and you ready for that back to school routine.

As you all know, summer kills the routines in the house. The first thing I do is, I try to get them to bed on time like they would on a school night. As well as, wake up on time like they would on a school morning. And trying to get them back into that breakfast routine of eating when they wake up on the go.

And it’s also important to start a week before to make sure that all your paperwork is completed, you’ve got your backpack, you’ve got your school supplies. And everything that’s needed for that first day of school. So, night before and those back to school nerves are in full gear so, you want to make sure you have the backpacks organized, you’ve packed your lunches. You’ve picked out your first day of school outfits. And more importantly, the thing that I’m always afraid I’m going to forget is to set the alarm.

One thing that’s so important are those back to school pics. And you want to make sure your phone’s charges for all those great pictures you’re going to take.

Now, that the backpacks are packed, the alarms are set, the cameras are charged. It’s the first day of school.

We want to make sure that we wake up on time so that, we’re not rushing around like I always have to do. And we have fun, that’s the most important thing. Let’s make this school year fun and let’s send them off with a bang on their first day. So, mom’s I would love to see your all’s first day back to school pics. So go to my Mom to Mom Facebook page and post those pictures for me. – Sarah Pannell

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