9-1-1 Centers Get “Stability” in Annual Funding

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) — The funding of 9-1-1 centers in Tennessee just went through a change.
That may not mean much to most of us—but to those who run the emergency operations it means stabilization and financial security.
The Hamilton County 9-1-1 center hosted the lawmakers who passed the bill.

DON ALLEN, DIR., HAMILTON CO. EMA "Its going to be the lifeblood of revenue for 9-1-1 centers across the state …so we are very,very grateful."

Don Allen is chairman of the 9-1-1 center board. He says the legislation passed in the last legislative session was a life-saver.

DON ALLEN "Our board and others across the state had seen the revenues going down, down, down…and nothing was happening."

State senator Todd Gardenhire of Chattanooga served as chairman of the 9-1-1 Committee appointed by the Lt. Governor.
His work resulted in a change in the way funding is distributed to local centers.

SEN. TODD GARDENHIRE, CHATTANOOGA "In the past, over a 100-million dollars a year going to the state. And the state would dole it out as they saw fit. It really gave no stability to the local funding board."

Sen. Gardenhire brought a signed copy of the new legislation along with the pen used by Governor Bill Haslam to sign the bill into law.
Hamilton county 9-1-1 executive director John Stuermer says the new funding plan will let local agencies meet new high tech requirements.

JOHN STUERMER,EXEC. DIR., HAMILTON CO. 9-1-1 CENTER "Districts across the state were losing money…and operations were being impacted…so what this funding bill did for us is his new funding bill did for us, fundamentally is put us on a solid financially footprint again to give us that ability to continue into the future to provide this critical service with the new technologies that are coming on board."

Gardenhire says it received the support of the entire Hamilton county delegation.

Senator Gardenhire says the bill updates the funding policy that has been in use in Tennessee since 1984.

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