900 Million Dollar Georgia Transportation Bill Signed By Governor Nathan Deal

DALTON,GA, (WDEF)-House Bill 170 was signed into law Monday morning.
But not everyone is happy about the transportation bill that Governor Nathan Deal claims "will keep our economic engine running".

David Pennington, Former Dalton Mayor,"We are going from a 13% tax on rooms when you add up all the taxes to almost 20% tax on rooms by July 1st which is a 52% increase, put in perspective Chattanooga is at 17 and a quarter per cent we are at 13 we are very competitive".

The new 5 dollar hotel room tax will impact all hotels and motels across the state.
Deal and his team estimate it will bring an extra 200 million dollars a year.
Other aspects of the bill cover hybrid vehicles and trucking.

David Pennington, Former Dalton Mayor,"100 dollar tax on every tractor trailer based in Whitfield County, obviously we have a lot of them hauling carpet that’s why you see less of them being based in Whitfield County, this is a major erroneous bill for a still struggling area".

Many Georgians are also not happy about a new 6% per gallon gas tax kicking in.

Ronnie Ponders, Dalton Motorist."Gas is so high but you know got to pay, when it goes up you got to pay it you got to make ends meet".

Ponders believes north Georgians will head to Tennessee to buy gas when the new tax comes in but he will stay loyal to his local Chevron.

"I am getting gas now because they are good people you trust them, they are quality, you know what you are getting you are not getting now water in your gas and stuff like that".

The taxes will be used to improve roads and fix bridges.
Georgia is currently the 4th fastest growing state in the US.

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