Winter Weather Preparation

Hamilton County and TDOT spent the day preparing the roads for a wintry mix.

TDOT crews put brine down on the higher elevations, such as Look Mountain, Signal Mountain, State 111 and White Oak Mountain.
Hamilton County Communications Manager, Mike Dunne said higher elevations are always a first priority.
“The reason why we do the mountainous areas is because of the fact that their upper elevations…so the temperature difference can be as much as 3 or 4 degrees. so it might be 32 here, but it might be 28 down there.”

After they covered the higher elevations TDOT spread brine across the interstates.

The brine last about 3 days, preventing roadways from being hazardous.

Jennifer Flynn,TDOT Community Relations Officer, said  they weren’t originally expecting snowy weather.

“We didn’t brine any this weekend because the forecast originally called for a lot of rain and the brine would’ve been washed away by the rain. That would’ve been just a waste of our resources and our time.”

It’s also time for people to prepare their homes and cars.

When sidewalks or driveways are frozen assistant manager at Ace Hardware, Cody Stubblefield suggests using ice melt.

‘You can lay it down after the ice is there. It’ll actually bring all the liquid that’s within the ice to the surface.”

Stubblefield also suggests keeping an ice scraper in your car as well as having deicer fluid in your windshield wipers.

In case the power goes out, Stubblefield, said a kerosene heater will help keep any room warm.

“They will put off a little bit of an odor, but they’re great for sitting in the center of a room and filling that room with heat if your power went out.”

T-DOT also advises people to slow down their speed when their driving in snow or ice.

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